Tesla is now offering a $1,000.00  referral credit / discount + unlimited supercharging on the purchase of either the Model S or the Model X. This is an incredible offer that is as simple as clicking the referral link and ordering your new Tesla! Don't forget, you can get the discount when ordering from any Tesla Store and also includes in-stock, showroom and inventory vehicles. Add that to the $7,500.00 federal tax credit, you get a whopping $8,500.00 off! *

Tesla lets you decide...

You can purchase your car online or at a Tesla Store.
This referral link may also be used at the Tesla Store when purchasing a showroom car.
CLICK HERE to print a page to take with you to the Tesla Store.
For the security conscious: Direct link https://www.tesla.com/referral/steven1657
*-Assuming you qualify for tax credit.
Thank you and enjoy your new Tesla Model S or Model X!

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